Sustainability report

Take a look at our Anderson Lloyd Sustainability Report FY22

Environmental sustainability

At Anderson Lloyd we recognise our responsibilities as custodians of a multi-generational firm. We take ownership of, and are accountable for our measurable emissions while conducting day to day business. This is why Anderson Lloyd is proud to be one of New Zealand’s first law firms to become Toitū net carbon zero certified in line with international best practice. The Toitū Envirocare certification programme has provided a framework to reduce Anderson Lloyd’s greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and now with a baseline GHG measure in place, the annual cycle sees our firm commit to ongoing measuring, managing, verifying and mitigation of carbon emissions.

Recently we were delighted to announce that as a firm we reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 10% to 247.51 tCO2e for the year to 31 March 2020, as reported in annual audit requirements of our Toitū net carbon zero certification. To further reduce our emissions, we have developed a GHG emissions management plan and reduction targets. Broken down into key emission contributors, these targets are:

Emissions reduction initiative Reduction target Baseline (tCO2e) Target date
Purchased electricity emissions 2% 42.15 31/03/2023
Air miles travelled 5% 200.48 31/03/2023
Kilometres travelled 5% 19.54 31/03/2023
Paper consumption 15% 1.25 31/03/2022
Overall intensity target 7.5% 263.00 31/03/2024


Being ‘Sustainable’ is imbedded in our culture and is one of our core values at Anderson Lloyd. We therefore  deliver beyond carbon neutrality and are also committed to:

  • restoring local biodiversity with Trees That Count (managed by Project Crimson) by annually funding 2,000 native trees.
  • investing in leading edge technology to minimise business travel e.g. video conferencing.
  • partnering with organisations to develop commercial structures to offset carbon and to encourage green investment.
  • advising on renewable energy projects including wind and solar, Cleantech, Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) obligations, forestry and carbon credits, and the climate change aspects of Resource Management Act.
  • providing Community Days to staff to give back to the communities in which we operate. So far these days have predominantly been used for local tree planting days e.g. Motutapu Restoration Trust.
  • requiring sustainability accreditation as part of our supplier procurement processes. As a result we have changed our electricity supplier to Ecotricity.
  • ensuring we have a seat at the table to discuss best practice and further innovation with business leaders in this field. Anderson Lloyd is a member of the Sustainable Business Council, Climate Leaders Coalition, and NZ Green Building Council.
  • having in place an in-house Sustainability Committee providing a forum to create tangible changes in our office practices.
  • nudging sustainable behaviour through office products e.g. staff and client meeting use KeepCups.