Employment webinars

Immigration and Employment Law Webinar
27 Apr 23

Tash Rae and Rebecca Laney from Anderson Lloyd’s Employment Law Team provide an informative session on how to pass the Immigration New Zealand Job Check.

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Employment Law, post pandemic
17 May 22

A guide for employers navigation the post COVID-19 workforce.

John Farrow, AJ Lodge and the Anderson Lloyd national employment team provide an informative session on employment law, post pandemic.

This webinar provides an update on COVID-19 related changes, and canvases the key considerations for employers in this unique economic and societal era, including flexible working, mental health and burnout, the great resignation, and some of the up-coming government proposals such as the income protection scheme and fair pay agreements.

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COVID 19 – Vaccinations in the workplace
6 Sep 21

As an employer, you’re probably considering how best to protect your workforce from COVID-19, including whether you can encourage, or require, employees to be vaccinated. Your duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) extend to minimising the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus in your workplace. We recommend that you consider now how you will meet these obligations, as well as any potential challenges you may face from having some employees in the workplace vaccinated, and others not vaccinated.  In this video, Ashley-Jayne (AJ) Lodge, Employment Law Partner at Anderson Lloyd, outlines the key points you need to consider around COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace.

This video​​​​​​​ covers the following questions:​​​​​​​

  • Can an employer force employees to get vaccinated?
  • Encouraging vaccination – can I incentivise employees to get vaccinated?
  • Privacy considerations – can I ask my employees if they are vaccinated?

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Preparing for the Redundancy Process
22 Apr 20

At the difficult stage some businesses are looking at redundancies. Employment partner John Farrow takes you through what you need to know about the legislation around restructuring and redundancies.

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HRNZ Otago: Online COVID-19 and Alert Level 4 – All Your Legal Questions Answered
17 Apr 20

The Employment Team talks to core topics around the Wage Subsidy package including: essential businesses, frequently asked questions, privacy related issues and immigration issues.


COVID-19 session with the Chamber of Commerce: Wage Subsidy Package and Self-isolation Leave Payment assistance
30 Mar 20

John farrow takes the Chamber of Commerce members through the Wage Subsidy Package and Self-isolation Leave Payment assistance

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Hospitality focussed Employment Law session with The Hospitality Company
25 Mar 20

We want to help make sure all hospitality owners and managers feel supported with practical legal advice during this unprecedented time.

Employment Partner John Farrow answers a series of employment questions in the webinar made possible by The Hospitality Company below:

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Anderson Lloyd – Polson Higgs discussing COVID-19 implications on employment, contractual obligations, business cash flow and the economy
25 Mar 20

The below webinar (co-created with Polson Higgs) brings together industry experts to discuss implications of COVID-19 on employment, contractual obligations, business cash flow and the economy.

From Anderson Lloyd, Employment partner John Farrow calls on all of his 29 years of employment law experience to talk to employment issues while Corporate Commercial Partner Sarah Simmers discusses how business contracts (written and unwritten) are affected by COVID-19, and provides two potential ways to suspend or cancel your obligations under a contract.

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John Farrow