Auckland Unitary Plan – Feedback now online

8 Aug 13

The informal consultation period for the Draft Auckland Unitary Plan (“the Unitary Plan”) took place from March to May 2013. Despite some public criticism about the Auckland Council (“the Council”) leaving people out of the process, it appears people are aware of the importance of being involved. Over twice the amount of feedback anticipated has been received. The 22,000 suggestions can now be viewed online.

The Council has so far prepared reports summarising feedback on the proposed residential and business zones, and Treaty of Waitangi issues . Further reports on design, coastal matters, parks, open spaces and the rural and natural environment will be released in the coming weeks.

The feedback received will be assessed by the Council and Local Board Chairs through a series of workshops that will continue through to early August. Interim decisions on changes will be held at public Auckland Plan Committee meetings during this time, before formal changes are discussed at a public Committee near the end of August. Once any changes to the Unitary Plan have been agreed notification will occur and the formal statutory process of submissions and hearings will begin.

The consultation and feedback period is critical to the Unitary Plan process, which will follow a “one-off” approach prescribed by the Government. The Unitary Plan process has more emphasis on engagement and submissions, with more time and energy being put into pre-notification drafts, supporting submitters and resolving issues prior to the Unitary Plan being notified. Parties interested in the Unitary Plan should review the reports on the feedback, and seek to engage the Council now on any fundamental issues.

If you have any questions on the content or process of the Unitary Plan, please contact our Resource Management team.

PDF version: Auckland Unitary Plan, feedback now online