Summer clerkships

Anderson Lloyd staff are committed to our yearly summer clerk programme, and it is made to be as flexible and individual as possible. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure you receive work that will challenge and extend you while you are here. Our objective is to provide you with a worthwhile and valuable working experience that gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a lawyer working in a leading law firm.

Our summer clerk programme starts in mid-November and runs through to February.

When you start with Anderson Lloyd, you will join our two-day induction aimed at supporting you with your transition from university. You will be assigned a buddy, who will be your guide and helper during your first few months. They will be your point of contact – someone you will always be able to approach, whenever you need them, regardless of how complex (or simple) your question.

During the summer, you will be assigned to two teams, giving you the chance to try different areas of law. Supervising partners in each team will help guide you as you take on the challenges thrown your way.

We believe strongly in teamwork and a team environment. All our lawyers are split into teams within specialist departments of the firm, enabling you to develop rapidly in a non-hierarchical setting, while receiving guidance and encouragement from those around you.

Each team has a team leader, responsible for the team’s strategic direction, resourcing and day-to-day decision-making. Teams contain a mix of junior, intermediate and senior lawyers. It’s not unusual for work to be shared between teams, meaning there are ample opportunities for you to learn outside your specialist area. Partners within the team take active roles as leaders, mentors and supervisors, and will have a keen interest in your development.

In order to find the team that’s right for you, we will look at your individual strengths and interests within your legal papers, as well as your selected preferences. We will also encourage you to review your areas of interest while you’re here.

Within the team itself, you will be involved in everything from reviewing contracts and attending client interviews, to preparing memos and opinions, drafting documents, working on trusts and commercial transactions, and attending court. The work you do will be interesting, challenging, important and, yes, on occasions, repetitive. But it will give you a realistic idea of the sort of work you can expect to be doing as you set out on your legal career. You will work hard – but you will learn a lot, and we will do our best to make it a great experience.

Check out what our previous summer clerks had to say about working at Anderson Lloyd. Link

Law clerks

Each year we aim to successfully convert our summer clerks into law clerks.

Our focus for law clerks is to give you the best possible start to your career as a lawyer. We provide you with work that will challenge and excite you, we will support and develop you, and we will include and collaborate with you as a valuable member of our team.

Our induction process enables you to transition smoothly in to your role. You will be introduced to the team and provided with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our office environment, systems and procedures.

You will be aligned to a supervising partner who will be responsible for your day-to-day work, ongoing training and professional development, and health and well-being. Supervisors take an interest in both your professional development and personal development to ensure you optimise your potential.

You will work closely with team leaders who are responsible for the strategic direction, resourcing and the day-to-day decision-making of your team. Teams contain a mix of junior, intermediate and senior lawyers and associates.

The firm pays for the Professionals course fees and admission fees to the Law Society and the High Court for all law clerks  Most of our law clerks complete their Professionals during their time with us. We will look to be as flexible as we can around timeframes in attending Professionals, and we will work with you and your supervisor to get the best possible outcome.

Legal training

Our aim is to make you the best lawyer you can be, so you will be fully involved in our learning and development programme, including our weekly internal Continued Legal Education (CLE) programme, NZLS seminar report back sessions, and team-specific training. You will also be strongly encouraged to attend all in-house training, as well as receiving special training that meets your own needs.

For any queries related to graduate recruitment, please contact:

Kelly Pankhurst
General Manager, Human Resources
Private Bag 1959
Dunedin 9054


Summer clerk profiles

Mali Bongers, Auckland summer clerk 2014/2015

My summer at the brand new Auckland office was a great experience all-around.  From the very beginning of the recruitment process the staff at Anderson Lloyd were friendly and approachable.  The atmosphere in the open plan office was encouraging and it fostered collaboration and camaraderie between the different divisions.  I had opportunities to work closely with everyone in the office, including the partners, on diverse matters ranging from PPP projects to commercial acquisitions and corporate finance.  I was involved in all stages of the projects, from performing precursory due diligence all the way through to getting large commercial deals over the finish line, and there was no shortage of variety.  Whenever I had questions or was unsure of anything there was always somebody I could approach for advice.  The team at Anderson Lloyd was incredibly welcoming and I really enjoyed getting to know them at all the social events, and getting to have regular video calls with the other summer clerks around the country was an added bonus.  One of the more memorable events from my summer clerkship was the Christmas trip to Waiheke Island.

Overall, my summer clerkship provided me with invaluable insight into the legal profession and taught me a great deal.  I wholeheartedly recommend a summer at Anderson Lloyd as an excellent start to a legal career.

Mali joined the firm as a solicitor in February 2015.

Tanya Young, Auckland summer clerk 2014/2015

Summer clerking gives you an experience that is priceless, in that you can finally take law out of the lecture theatre and see how it really works in practice.  Spending this time with Anderson Lloyd gave me the best of two worlds, where I could enjoy the closeness and personal feel of a boutique firm whilst taking advantage of the expertise and breadth of a national practice with offices in Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown.  To begin with, we were flown to Dunedin (my first ever visit!) for our two-day induction and the chance to meet our entire head-office team as well as all the other summer clerks, before I returned to Auckland for the rest of my summer.

I was lucky to be a part of the Commercial team which has this amazingly collaborative team dynamic and where legal work takes on the positive focus of helping business clients achieve strategic, forward-looking goals.  I was involved in a variety of projects which included research, drafting, due diligence tasks, reviewing contracts and observing client meetings.  The team obviously love what they do and have a huge sense of drive and commitment but also retain a great sense of fun, making them great to get to know socially. Being in a light, vibrant, open-plan office, the partners worked alongside juniors and everyone else in between, and it was always really easy to approach anyone at all for support and advice.

I have loved my experience with Anderson Lloyd and consider my time with them the perfect start to a career in law.

Tanya will be joining the firm as a solicitor in November 2015.

 Jess van der Kaag, Christchurch summer clerk 2-014/2015

My summer clerkship at Anderson Lloyd wasn’t what I expected. The prospect of a nationally-recognised firm with a more personal feel appealed to me, and I thought the summer clerkship would be a great opportunity to see if it would be a good fit. Every law student has heard the horror stories of hours spent photocopying, being delegated streams of meaningless research tasks, and learning to take your place at the bottom of the corporate ladder, so it was hard to anticipate what I was in store for.

Needless to say it was far from what I expected. I hit the ground running with client meetings, court appearances, and quality time spent with partners all within the first couple of weeks. Not only was I treated as a valued member of the Christchurch team, but I was delegated actual responsibility and was always being challenged. I had rotations in the resource management, litigation and commercial teams, and enjoyed the opportunity to have a taste of each area.

What impressed me the most was the exposure I got to such a variety of legal work, whether it was drafting letters for top tier corporates or attending mediations for employment disputes, I really got to see it all. I was involved in projects from the first client meeting to the final resolution, and everyone in the team was willing to answer my numerous questions along the way.

In terms of the rewarding opportunities it provides, Anderson Lloyd stands head and shoulders above the rest and I highly recommend choosing this firm for your summer clerkship.

Jess will be joining the firm as a solicitor in May 2016.