Summer clerk profiles

Sally Al-joubory, Auckland Summer Clerk 2017 / 2018
“My experience working in Anderson Lloyd’s Auckland office has been amazing. The people and environment you are immersed in is so motivating because you are working alongside some of New Zealand’s most well-regarded lawyers. Anderson Lloyd’s open and friendly culture made me feel instantly welcome and a valued part of the team. From the first week, I was involved in exciting legal work from a range of practice areas. What I found unique about Anderson Lloyd was the collaboration across the different offices in New Zealand and the accessibility of the partners who were always willing to have a good chat or check up on you. Alongside the great work, there is also a balance with social activities, lunches and coffees. Throughout my summer I felt I was being invested in and that Anderson Lloyd has a genuine commitment to making sure I have access to the resources and support to springboard my future in the legal field”.

Sally joined the firm as a law clerk in the Auckland office in February 2018


Matt Hastings, Christchurch Summer Clerk 2017/2018
“I was a summer clerk at Anderson Lloyd at the Christchurch office in 2017/2018. From the very beginning of my clerkship I was welcomed into an awesome team that worked hard to get great results. Not only was everyone at Anderson Lloyd keen to help me improve my skills and knowledge, but the firm also had a great culture where everyone was able to have a laugh and work in a really positive environment.
Anderson Lloyd provided me with work that was challenging, engaging and meaningful. I worked in the Commercial, Property and Resource Management teams on a variety of matters which I was able to tangibly contribute to with my work. Some of the work that I was involved in during my time at Anderson Lloyd included mediation preparation and attendance, interactions with a variety of different parties, and many different research projects. All of the work I was involved in broadened my legal knowledge and gave me a better understanding of the legal profession.

I would highly recommend Anderson Lloyd as a place to work. I had fun, I was given interesting and diverse work, and I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing team who were all eager to help me improve my skills”.


Tom Bagnall, Christchurch Summer Clerk 2017/2018
“I absolutely enjoyed my time at Anderson Lloyd during the 2017/2018 summer. Most notably was the fantastic firm culture which made me feel welcome from the first day. All the staff contributed to a positive work environment which really improved many of the key skills needed in the legal profession. I had the opportunity to work in both the Christchurch litigation and commercial teams during my time. This provided a variety of work which kept me interested, motivated and enthused all summer. Although everyone works hard, there were many opportunities to socialise and have fun with the rest of the office – Friday night drinks, mini-golf, work functions or team catch ups. Over the summer, it became clear why AL won the Mid-size law firm of the year again in 2017. I would highly recommend applying for a summer clerkship at AL if you want to experience an excellent, stimulating and inclusive work environment”.


Madison Hughes, Christchurch Summer Clerk 2017/2018
“Working at a medium-sized firm meant I was immersed in meaningful tasks, but still had an ideal level of interaction with my supervisors. I was nervous about working in a law firm with very little actual legal knowledge, but I was incredibly grateful to be working with people who not only completely understood this, but accordingly involved me in challenging projects wherever they could so I could in fact expand my knowledge. I have now returned to my law classes this year with a much greater understanding of what is actually required of me in a commercial environment and what parts of the law are most relevant in a practical sense, which will no doubt be invaluable during my exams.

My favourite thing about the firm was undoubtedly the culture. All the staff at AL were incredibly inclusive and down-to-earth. Part of the culture that I appreciated the most was the encouragement of decent work-life balance. My teams would regularly go out for coffees or lunches throughout the week, which provided a chance to catch up with colleagues on a more personal level.

It was also very useful to simply be in an environment with important projects always on the go. From listening in to solicitors’ phone calls to team meetings with other AL staff from all over the country, this experience really has given me a feel for what working in a commercial law firm is like and whether it is something I could see myself doing in the future. Overall, I am exceptionally grateful for this experience as it really has shown me that I am on the right track in pursuing a career in commercial law and has proven to me that it is indeed possible to find a firm that makes a genuine push toward achieving a healthy work-life balance while doing so”.


Emma Gough, Dunedin Summer Clerk 2017/2018
“My time at Anderson Lloyd as a summer clerk has been invaluable and I feel privileged to have worked for a reputable and culture rich firm. It was immediately evident that Anderson Lloyd is a firm that embraces a collaborative work ethic and lives up to its reputation in every way.

In the commercial team, I was given responsibilities and felt valued as a team member. From the first day forward, I worked alongside partners and solicitors on diverse and challenging work to help provide the best legal advice to clients. Although this was daunting at first due to my lack of practical legal experience, I had unconditional support and guidance from my colleagues and mentors who genuinely cared about my growth and success as an intern.

Alongside the practical work, the culture at Anderson Lloyd is something that has left a lasting impression on me. Maintaining a strong work life balance is important for me, and Anderson Lloyd certainly shares this mentality. Whilst delivering the best results at exceptionally high standards, Anderson Lloyd encourages all staff to pursue their own passions and goals and gets behind individual initiatives wherever they can. An example of this is Mufti Days, to help individual staff members raise funds for not for profit involvement outside of work. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my fellow colleagues hobbies and interests and what makes them unique, and believe this culture is what makes for a happy and healthy work environment.

In summary, the summer clerk programme at Anderson Lloyd is a fantastic preview of life as a lawyer in a leading and collaborative firm. Over a short period of time I was able to apply and develop my legal skills in a professional setting alongside others who cared immensely about my success. I would recommend this opportunity to any law student interested in gaining real life experience, and could certainly envision myself working for Anderson Lloyd in the future”.


Injy Johnstone, Dunedin Summer Clerk 2017/2018
“I was lucky enough to join the Resource Management team at the Dunedin Office. From day one at my welcome coffee the entire team made sure I felt at home at Anderson Lloyd. I was also able to get stuck into some fulfilling and stimulating work. The opportunity to work on projects and develop my legal analysis with each member of the team throughout the summer was a hugely valuable one. During my time at Anderson Lloyd I was also fortunate enough to get experience in the Litigation team and enjoyed the change in pace and tact that a new team brought. With the initial Dunedin training the summer clerks nationwide were able to form a close connection and keep in touch via regular meetings which proved a highly collegial and enjoyable way of getting to know the different areas we were working on. Within the team at Dunedin, the summer clerks regularly caught up for coffee as well as got fully stuck into the social camaraderie of Anderson Lloyd at Christmas which included an intense office decoration competition. We also enjoyed access to AL’s full professional development programme which taught us new things each week. All in all, I couldn’t think of a better firm to gain a head start in your corporate law career.”


Nina Harland, Auckland Summer Clerk 2016/2017
“I really enjoyed my time as a summer clerk in Anderson Lloyd’s Auckland office. The induction in Dunedin is a good foundation for a successful summer. The staff were extremely welcoming and throughout the summer I was involved in interesting and diverse work. Being given the opportunity to be involved in such a variety of work has been a rewarding experience, particularly when you get to see your contribution in the final product. It is a very different experience to law school, every day I am learning new skills and working at transforming what I know into a finished product. While it has been challenging, I honestly don’t think I would have had the same experience in another firm. The people working at Anderson Lloyd are welcoming and social, I enjoy the regular social events and the video calls with the other summer clerks around the country”.

Nina joined the firm as a law clerk in the Auckland office in February 2017.


Sarah Dysart, Auckland Summer Clerk 2016/2017
“I loved my time as a summer clerk at Anderson Lloyd. It was definitely a challenge moving from law school to Anderson Lloyd as there is so much to learn, but the staff here were so friendly and always willing to help. Every day I am learning new skills. There are plenty of social opportunities at Anderson Lloyd (especially over that Christmas period!) and Friday night drinks are awesome because it gives you a chance to get to know your team better outside of a work environment. Being in a smaller team at the Auckland office has been a huge advantage I believe because I was able to get my hands on more challenging and a greater variety work early on. Being able to help on projects and seeing the finished product is a very rewarding experience”.

Sarah joined the firm as a law clerk in the Auckland office in February 2017.

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