Childcare for essential workers

24 Aug 21

The Government has made arrangements for free childcare for essential workers in businesses and services that are open during Alert Level 4.

The scheme is available to provide care for children aged 0-13 years who are in the care of workers in Alert Level 4 businesses and services. It is only available in instances where there are no other adults in the household able to care for the child.

Information as to which workers are covered can be found here.

Each carer can only support one household, and therefore there is limited childcare available. Eligible workers are being encouraged to utilise their own private arrangements where possible.

How does the scheme work?

The Government has released a list of approved licensed home-based education and care providers which can provide in-home are for eligible workers – the list can be accessed here.

The scheme involves a single carer joining the eligible workers bubble, and coming into the home to provide care the child or children.

The scheme can be accessed by contacting the providers directly.

If an eligible worker is unable to find care via the authorised providers, and is unable to make their own arrangements within their bubble, they can contact the Ministry of Education at

Helpful links

Information on the childcare scheme.

Information on businesses and services that can operate at Alert Level 4 .


Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the childcare scheme, please contact our specialist Employment Team.

PDF version: here.

For more information contact:

Rachel Pfahlert