0800 Hungry Ministries Trust – Christchurch

11 Aug 21

In August two teams from our Christchurch office spent their Community Day assisting 0800 HUNGRY to package and distribute food parcels to those in need around Christchurch.

This is the second year that Anderson Lloyd have supported this charity.

About 0800 HUNGRY

0800 HUNGRY MINISTRIES TRUST is a non-profit organisation established to empower churches and social agencies to reach out to those in our community who need a helping hand, and to ensure that those who are in need get fed.

The primary role of 0800 Hungry is one of ‘hunter and gatherer’, with a dedicated team of 120 volunteers committed to locating and recovering all manner of food and grocery items which are then re-packed and distributed back into the community.

Every week in Canterbury hundreds of tonnes of edible fresh produce is wasted or fed to livestock because of over-supply, cost of harvesting or lack of an accountability chain for re-distribution.

0800 Hungry delivers directly to homes and regularly provides food to over 155 different churches and agencies, including the police Safety Team, for people who they know need a hand up. The team distributes 200+ boxes per week, which usually increases to 400+ leading up to Christmas.

How it Works

Anyone in need calls up the free-phone number to place their order on a no-questions-asked basis. Box sizes are determined on how many people are in the household (pet food is included if required), and all sizes are packed and delivered for a set price of $5. While 0800 HUNGRY previously didn’t charge, we were told the $5 cost was put in place to help minimise the negative feeling of getting a “hand-out”, as the customers are in-fact paying for this service.

For more information contact:

Richard Greenaway


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