Anderson Lloyd offers LawFest Student Scholarships

3 Jun 22

Our firm partnered with LawFest to establish a student scholarship to allow 30 law students to attend LawFest 22 for free.

Lawfest is a unique one-day event providing an opportunity for the legal and technology community to come together to network, collaborate and learn about how to innovate and adapt to change. With an incredible line-up of 25+ speakers, the event delivers practical insights into how to innovate and leverage technology to help deliver legal services for today and the future.

The Anderson Lloyd LawFest Student Scholarship allowed LawFest to be accessible to a wider group of students, who might not have been able to attend.

The recipients of the 2022 Anderson Lloyd LawFest Student Scholarship were:

Narges Ahmad Ali – University of Canterbury
Beth Awatere – University of Auckland
Caitlin Baker-Wanhalla – University of Canterbury
Caleb Banks – University of Canterbury
Spencer Barley – University of Auckland
Nairika Billiardmaker – University of Auckland
Meg Byers – University of Canterbury
Kate Copeland – University of Canterbury
Lisa Cwetler – University of Auckland
Emilie Gee – University of Waikato
Feng Goldsmith – University of Otago
Emma Hooton – University of Auckland
Aimee Hunt – AUT
Regan Kay – University of Canterbury
Pia Kitchin Gordon – University of Otago
Lauren McCall – University of Canterbury
Cerhys McCrone – University of Canterbury
Juliet Ngauamo – University of Auckland
Petra Patterson – University of Auckland
Harry Pottinger-Coombes – University of Auckland
Mackenzie Roskruge – University of Auckland
Ayush Sharma – University of Auckland
Alisha Siraj – University of Auckland
Mickayla Strode-Penny – University of Canterbury
Kayla Strong – University of Otago
Caleb Ward – University of Canterbury
Emma White – University of Waikato
Abby Wong – University of Auckland
Matthew Woodfield – University of Canterbury
Taulesulu Yandall – University of Canterbury


LawFest 22 was be held on Thursday 2 June at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland.


For more information contact:

Richard Greenaway

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