Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust weeding day

6 Oct 20

Anderson Lloyd has long supported the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust as a founding sponsor and through pro bono work. This year we have also had a large proportion of our Christchurch team apply their Community Leave to support them further.

On the 6th of October, an eager group from our Christchurch office headed out to Birdlings Flat to assist the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust with weed control at the Hauroko Covenant, one of the oldest conservation covenants administered by the Trust.

The team worked tirelessly to clean up the area, collecting bags of weeds, to help sustain the Peninsula into the future.


About Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust 

The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust was formed in 2001. It is a non-profit charitable organisation that works with landowners, agencies, runanga, sponsors, and the wider community to promote the conservation and enhancement of indigenous biodiversity and sustainable land management on Banks Peninsula.


About Banks Peninsula 

The original Banks Peninsula forest had similar plants 20,000 years ago as we find today. Much of the remaining forest was felled or burned during the first 50 years of European occupation.

Forest remnants provide refuges for native forest birds, including bellbird/korimako, wood pigeon/kererū, silvereye, pūkeko, fantail/pīwakawaka, tomtit/miromiro, grey warbler/riroriro, riflemen/tītitipounamu, and brown creeper/pīpipi.

A marine mammal sanctuary around Banks Peninsula protects the rare Hector’s dolphin/upokohue.

For more information contact:

Richard Greenaway

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