Draft Land Use Recovery Plan Notified for Written Comment

9 Jul 13

The final Draft Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP) has been presented to the Minister for Earthquake Recovery and notified for written comments.

The Draft LURP includes 56 Actions identified as crucial for land use recovery. The Actions address matters such as residential and business land supply; housing affordability and choice; rebuilding of commercial centres; infrastructure and service provision and integration with land use; natural hazards; and mechanisms to ensure progress, including an independent review of councils’ planning and consenting processes.

A number of Actions are to be supported by statutory directions requiring councils to make amendments to or undertake reviews of their planning instruments. The final Draft LURP continues to require amendments to the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement to identify locations for greenfield business and residential development to 2028. An additional direction now also requires Christchurch City Council to undertake an immediate review of the City Plan, with a particular focus on amendments required to give effect to the LURP. This review is to be started immediately and completed within 3 years. The review is not required to comply with the usual RMA process, but must involve an opportunity for public consultation. Review of and amendments to the Waimakariri and Selwyn District Plans are also directed.

The LURP will have implications for all development in Greater Christchurch, outside of the area governed by the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan. Following receipt of written comments the Minister will make amendments to and approve the final LURP. There is no right of appeal on the final provisions of the LURP.

Written comments on the Draft LURP must be submitted by 2 August 2013.

For advice regarding the implications of the LURP and preparation of submissions, please contact our specialist resource management team in Christchurch.

Prepared by Sarah Eveleigh.

PDF version: Draft Land Use Recovery Plan notified for written comment