Easter Sunday Trading

1 Mar 18

Since mid-2016 Territorial Authorities (City and District Councils) have been able to put in place local policies that allow shops within their area to trade on Easter Sunday.

A number of local Councils (Central Otago District Council, Dunedin City Council, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Kaikoura District Council) have policies in place.

If an employer wants to open their shop on Easter Sunday, then every year they are obliged to give employees at least four weeks’ notice in writing of this intention.   The notice must also advise employees that they can refuse to work on Easter Sunday.

In 2018 notices need to be provided to employees no later than 4 March 2018. Employees who do not wish to work on Easter Sunday must give the employer 14 days’ written notice of this.   No reason for refusing is required.

If you need any further information about Easter trading, please do not hesitate to contact our Employment Team.