AML and risk

Anderson Lloyd has practical experience applying Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in an ever increasing regulatory environment. Coming from a legal background we are also sensitive to the confidentiality demands of working with a legal services provider.

Our expertise relates to legal services and real estate and we have extensive experience in:

  • Developing AML guidance as part of the Regulator’s working group
  • Establishing our own bespoke AML risk plan and programme
  • Advising clients on various regulatory and compliance issues
  • Working with insurers on compliance, risk, negligence and regulatory issues


We bring practical experience and implementation best practice to the AML programme.


We can offer:

A.  Audit

We can undertake AML audits in a confidential and efficient manner assessing compliance with AML / CFT regulations and alignment with the firm’s AML plan, procedures and risk assessment.

B.  Staff training

We can provide firm wide training and education and provide guidance on developing or refining risk plans and procedures highlighting general principles and regulatory requirements.

C. Workplace assessments

Less formal than an audit, a workplace assessment looks at the effectiveness of a firm’s risk plan and procedures. We provide recommendations for improvement and maintenance of your current programme.


Please contact our specialist team to discuss the AML package to best assist your firm.

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