Fishing and aquaculture

Our expert team of aquaculture and fisheries lawyers has been deeply involved in fisheries legal work since the advent of New Zealand’s quota management system in 1986.

Our aquaculture and fisheries experience includes:

  • acquisitions and disposals of aquaculture businesses
  • creating and structuring fish traders, processers and exporters
  • the sale of vessels, quota and fishing businesses
  • the financing of fishing companies, vessels and quota
  • seafood export transactions
  • establishing multinational fishing companies
  • defending fisheries prosecutions and providing advice regarding the risk of forfeiture of fisheries assets
  • all aspects of the unique employment relationships inherent in the fishing industry

Our lawyers understand export markets as well as the legal aspects of foreign investment in fisheries assets and advise on the consenting of aquaculture developments under the Resource Management Act and the Fisheries Act, including the large offshore marine farm in Marlborough’s Clifford Bay.


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