Independent & Workplace Investigators

Anderson Lloyd provides expertise in workplace and specialist investigations. Our skilled independent investigators can manage complex and sensitive cases and provide reliable resolutions.

Our employment law partners, John Farrow and Ashley-Jayne (AJ) Lodge, are both certified Association of Workplace Investigators members and Certificate Holders (AWI-CH). AJ’s experience ranges from general workplace investigations, inquiries in the education sector to investigations involving allegations of sexual harassment and bullying. John has experience in general workplace investigations, including those involving allegations of bullying and harassment. His criminal defence background, along with his employment expertise, equips him well to conduct investigations.

In addition to John and AJ, James Cowan and Malcolm Couling act as independent investigators. They cover a broad range of areas including fraud, bullying, conflicts of interest, health and safety and student conduct. James previously worked in a specialist investigations role for a Big 4 accounting firm and has conducted numerous investigations and prepared forensic evidence for trials.

Our team of investigators have the resources, skills, and expertise to conduct thorough and timely investigations. As lawyers, and AWI-CH holders, our team have expertise and knowledge in natural justice and employment-specific requirements for workplace investigations.


Our team have experience in a wide range of investigations, including:

  • sexual harassment and sexual harm investigations
  • bullying and harassment investigations
  • conflicts of interest and corruption investigations
  • fraud investigations
  • serious misconduct investigations
  • whistleblower investigations
  • sexual misconduct investigations
  • education disputes investigations
  • health and safety investigations


We can also assist with independent inquiries and reviews.

We can provide transcription services as part of any investigation and quote fee estimates upfront.

Contact our independent and workplace investigators in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin or Queenstown.