Government releases draft 10-year Minerals and Petroleum Resource Strategy for public consultation

28 Aug 19

The Minerals and Petroleum Strategy identifies the need to take action against the existential threat of climate change, and that the transition towards a low emissions economy needs to be a just one. Fossil fuels will continue to play a role in providing secure, affordable energy to New Zealand over the medium term but will be phased out carefully over time.

There is focus on extracting clean-tech minerals as a key input into clean technology. The Strategy also identifies that a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy can only be realised if we have an affordable, sustainable and secure supply of resources, such as aggregate and steel for development of our infrastructure and our homes.

The Government is seeking feedback on the draft Strategy from the public, Treaty partners, industry, environmental groups and other stakeholders on how to derive value from its natural resources, both now and in the future, in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Action areas identified include:

  1. Modernising the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (CMA);
  2. Securing affordable resources to meet minerals and energy needs, including understanding New Zealand’s resource stocks of clean-tech minerals and the current and future markets for resources;
  3. Improving Treaty Partnership;
  4. Improving stakeholder and community engagement;
  5. Improving industry compliance;
  6. Research and investment in better mining and resource use.

The Strategy will inform the review of the CMA to make sure it is fit for purpose to meet the needs of New Zealanders. It will not revisit the Government’s policy to limit new petroleum exploration permits to the onshore Taranaki region only.

The Strategy is also intended to inform future Government policy affecting the minerals and petroleum sectors and is considered consistent with reforms proposed for the Resource Management Act 1991, the draft New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy (also out for consultation) and the objective of no new mines on conservation land.

Consultation is open on the Strategy until 20 September 2019.


Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss the potential implications of the draft Minerals and Petroleum Resource Strategy for you or your business, please contact our specialist Resource Management team.


PDF version: Minerals and Petroleum Resource Strategy