MBIE Releases 2014 Regional Economic Activity Report

11 Jun 14

On 5 June the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment released the Regional Economic Activity Report for 2014.

The annual report provides data that allows the Ministry to compare regional performance, and gain a better understanding of the roles that the 16 regions play in the New Zealand economy.

The report found that unsurprisingly, the New Zealand regions with the greatest populations, Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury, generate 62% of New Zealand’s total GDP. Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury were also found to have the highest average household incomes; however this is offset somewhat by higher housing costs in these regions.

Marlborough and Canterbury have experienced notable employment growth, while Southland, Wellington, Taranaki and Otago are examples of slower growing regional workforces.

If you require further information please contact one of our partners with expert knowledge in this area: David Goodman, Bryan Henderson, Anne McLeod or Sarah Simmers.

The full report can be found here: http://www.mbie.govt.nz/what-we-do/business-growth-agenda/regions/documents-and-image-library/rear-2014.pdf

PDF version : MBIE releases 2014 Regional Economic Activity Report