National State Infrastructure Report Released

18 Oct 13

The National State of Infrastructure Report 2013 was published on 17 October. This is the second annual progress report prepared by the National Infrastructure Unit within the Treasury.

The report notes investments in the electricity transmission network, the roll out of ultra-fast broadband, major transport projects including the roads of national significance, the establishment of the Crown Irrigation Investment Company and the KiwiRail turnaround plan.

The Finance Minister, Mr English, says more private sector involvement in delivering public infrastructure is important in achieving better investment outcomes during both the construction phase and over the life of the assets. The report notes further progress with public-private partnerships (PPPs) including the first transport PPP (Transmission Gully). Infrastructure noted in the Report includes:

  • National Land Transport Fund, including Roads of National Significance and regional roading projects – $5.9 billion.
  • Rebuilding Christchurch, including horizontal infrastructure – $3 billion.
  • Health sector, including DHB facilities and equipment and the redevelopment of Christchurch and Burwood hospitals – $1.7 billion.
  • Transpower and national electricity grid – $1.2 billion.
  • Education sector, including 21st Century Schools and the rebuild of the education network in greater Christchurch – $900 million.
  • Housing sector, including state housing refurbishments and modernisation – $690 million.
  • Ultra-fast broadband network – $430 million.
  • Rail infrastructure, including KiwiRail turnaround plan and commuter rail upgrades for Auckland and Wellington – $550 million.
  • Irrigation acceleration fund – $18 million.
  • Establishing the Crown Irrigation Investments Company – an initial budget allocation of $80 million.

The Report has been welcomed by the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development. However, NZCID has stated that while good progress is being achieved, significant challenges remain. In particular, NZCID considers that:

  • Opportunities exist to greatly enhance alignment between the land use proposals of the notified Auckland Unitary Plan, the investments outlined in the Integrated Transport Plan and the strategic vision of the Auckland Plan.
  • In Christchurch, interagency co-ordination still needs to be improved and a well sequenced pipeline of projects remains a critical priority; and
  • At the national level, irrigation is progressing, but the industry needs a much broader spectrum of support if the many earmarked projects around the country are to proceed.

The National State of Infrastructure Report is available at:

Later this year, the National Infrastructure Unit will also publish the long awaited capital intentions plan.

If you would any further information regarding the Report please contact Mike Kerr or Warwick Deuchrass.

PDF version : National State Infrastructure Report Released