PC56 – Managing Urban Design and Amenity in Christchurch

21 May 13

Suburban centres are under the planning spotlight, with a proposed City Plan change that will enable greater scrutiny over the design and appearance of developments in Business 1, 2 and 2P zones in Christchurch. This follows some of the recent urban design initiatives taken through the Central City Blueprint process and in neighbouring districts. It has potential implications for a wide range of businesses and developers.

PC56 was notified on 11 May 2013. Submissions close on 24 June 2013.

Key changes include:

  • Qualitative urban design assessment for most new developments, which could control or prevent proposals from proceeding
  • Requirement for a context analysis and design statement for larger developments
  • Parking and access requirements to support specified urban design outcomes in suburban centres, including additional assessment under the existing High Traffic Generator rule and a new assessment for commercial car parking
  • Additional cycle parking design requirements
  • New definitions of architectural articulation, architectural modulation, active frontage and publicly accessible space
  • A range of new road frontage requirements – including setbacks, screening, glazing, pedestrian access points, verandas and other measures.

For further advice on the implications of PC56 and the submission process, contact Jen Crawford or Alex Booker in the Resource Management Team.

PDF version: PC56 – Managing Urban Design and Amenity in Christchurch