Progress of the Natural and Built Environment Bills – Reform Series

15 Aug 23

The Natural and Built Environment (NBE) Bill and Spatial Planning (SP) Bill will be read for a third time this week.

The NBE and SP Bills will have their Third Reading this week.

The Bills completed the Committee of the whole House in the last Parliament sitting block (ending 03 August 2023) with both Bills reported back to the House with agreed amendments.

In the interim period between the completion of the Committee of the whole House and the Third Reading the Bills are reprinted to include all agreed amendments from the Committee stage ready for Royal Assent should Parliament agree to pass the Bills.

The NBE Bill and SP Bill have been updated on the New Zealand Legislation website to include all amendments as agreed in Committee.

The Third Reading

During the Third Reading Members of Parliament debate the amended provisions of each of the Bills, this consists of 12×10 minute speeches.

After the speeches the House votes on whether or not to pass the Bills.

Prior to Royal Assent

If the Bills are agreed to for a third time, and prior to Royal Assent, proof copies of the Acts will be prepared. These proof copies are read aloud by the Table Office. Reading the Acts aloud is one of the checks completed to ensure the Acts are exactly as agreed to by the House, during this time all numbering is cross referenced. Electronic checks are also completed by the Table Office and the Parliamentary Counsel Office.

The Clerk of the House has discretion to make any changes to the Acts to correct typos or minor errors that do not change the meaning of provisions. Any errors found in Acts and subsequently given Royal Assent can only be corrected by the House passing another bill.

Royal Assent

Royal Assent is given by the Governor General of New Zealand on the advice of the Prime Minister. Acts are assented to in the order they are passed by the House, generally, within seven days after the Third Reading.

Post Royal Assent

After the Acts receive Royal Assent they are published on the New Zealand Legislation website within 5 working days.

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If you have any questions about the NBE and SP Bills please contact our specialist Environment Planning and Natural Resources Team.

PDF version here.