Rakaia Water Conservation Order

1 Oct 12

The amendments and additions to the original Water Conservation Order (“WCO”) seek to enable the use of water which is currently diverted and stored in Whakamātau/Lake Coleridge for hydro-electricity generation, for both hydro-electricity and irrigation uses.

The decision does not increase the current consented takes of water from the Rakaia, but allows TrustPower to store water in Whakamātau/ Lake Coleridge for irrigation and to release it when it is required. The decision will also enable the establishment of associated infrastructure.

The Hearing Panel concluded that the outstanding characteristics of the Rakaia River which the original WCO seeks to protect will not be compromised by the changes.

The report and recommendations of the Hearing Panel will go to the Minister for the Environment for a final decision.

Appeal to the High Court on points of law is available, and the appeal period closes on 26 October 2012.

If you would like further information or advice on how this decision affects you, please contact the Resource Management Team at Anderson Lloyd.