Recovery Stratergy for Greater Christchurch

28 Jun 12

The Strategy sets out guiding principles along with the vision and goals for the recovery, and also identifies areas of priority to address and promote the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of the Region.

Phases of recovery and milestones are set out:

  • Immediate (September 2010 to December 2011) – Repair, patch and provide;
  • Short term (2012-2-14) – Begin to rebuild, replace and reconstruct;
  • Medium to long term (2015 to 2010 and beyond) – Construct, restore and improve.

The financial impact and funding of the recovery is also set out in the Strategy, with the current damage estimates and the way in which the cost of the rebuild will be covered by different sectors.

The Recovery Strategy will be implemented through six recovery programmes:

  • Leadership and Integration
  • Economic Recovery
  • Social Recovery
  • Cultural Recovery
  • Build Environment Recovery
  • Natural Environment Recovery

The goals and specific implementation plans for each of the above are set out in the Strategy. Broadly, the implementation of the Strategy will be through existing agencies, planning documents and instruments. The Strategy will act as the overarching strategy for other recovery plans. It is essentially a plan to plan.

If you have any questions regarding the Recovery Strategy and how it may affect you, please contact us.