Sealord secures carbon credit deal with native forestry project

8 Sep 23

Anderson Lloyd are pleased to have helped Sealord secure a long term deal with NZ Carbon Farming and Te Arawa Fisheries for the generation of carbon credits as part of Sealord’s commitment to net zero carbon by 2050.

With $10m invested into this 10-year programme, Sealord will significantly offset their operations carbon while also transitioning unproductive land into permanent native forest, creating jobs, and improving the local environment and water quality around the Te Arawa Lakes, Rotorua.

New Zealand Carbon Farming will undertake planting and management of the forestry project.
New Zealand Carbon Farming Director Matt Walsh says the partnership “is a great example of how environmentally-focused business, Iwi and other landowners can work together to provide positive outcomes for local people and the planet”.

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