Summer clerk profiles

Luiz Buck, Dunedin Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“I was a Summer Clerk in the Dunedin office over the summer of 2018/2019. I greatly enjoyed the collaborative approach of Anderson Lloyd and the helpful nature of all the staff. Being in the Property and Personal Client team has meant no two days are the same. I was able to help out on a number of files – from working for large national corporates to assisting with the sale and purchase of homes and the establishment of trusts. The al. team have really taken the time to understand what I am interested in and have fitted me into that work. My summer at al. has given me an excellent grounding for private practice – and I am really looking forward to working here full time!”

Luiz joined the firm as a law clerk in the Dunedin office in January 2019.


Hadley Chalmers, Queenstown Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“My experience at Anderson Lloyd’s Queenstown office has been nothing but enjoyable. Spending your summer at Anderson Lloyd means experiencing the unique feel of a premier law firm which still retains the feeling of a boutique and specialist firm. This means that I not only worked on a range of significant and interesting projects, but also had constant contact and access with every member of the firm, including partners. At Anderson Lloyd you feel like a respected and integral member of whatever project you are working on, while plenty of social opportunities are provided to preserve a healthy work-life balance. I would highly recommend Anderson Lloyd as a place to work, not only is it stimulating and diverse but also genuinely enjoyable”.


Grace Dimond, Christchurch Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. My overwhelmingly positive experience at al. rests on the people I was spending 40 hours a week with. They had all the important qualities you look for in a work colleague. They were supportive, patient and always took the time to explain new tasks thoroughly while encouraging questions so I was always learning. But more importantly, they were enjoyable to be around as they created a fun, relaxed and positive environment that made you actually excited to go to work each day and attend the countless social events*.

What also makes al. stand out as a law firm is that I always felt like a respected and valued part of the team. There isn’t an obvious hierarchy that makes you feel intimidated by anyone ‘above’ you. I was able to interact with the Partners on a daily basis, communicate directly with lawyers from other firms and sit in on client meetings. I was also given the opportunity to run te reo Māori sessions for the Christchurch office, which is something I don’t think I would be able to do at other firms. I found being valued for what you could bring to the firm a really motivating environment. I believe my time at Anderson Lloyd was truly invaluable and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic summer clerk experience.

* Promotion commotion, Christmas party, Christmas lunch/Secret Santa, Friday night drinks, Monthly themed drinks, Team coffees, Claybird shooting, Movie nights, Morning teas…”


Kirsty Jacomb, Christchurch Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“My time as a summer clerk at Anderson Lloyd has flown by, and the experience has far exceeded my expectations. For our first two days of work we were flown down to Dunedin where we met the other summer clerks and grads, did various workshops and ate great food. I was in the Christchurch office, and spent one rotation in the litigation team, and one in the property and private client team. The friendly culture here stood out from the very first day. I was given a variety of hands on work – for example, I was sending emails and letters out to clients, researching challenging cases, and drafting legal documents. I enjoyed the fortnightly video call catch-ups with the other clerks, and regular team coffees. All in all, it has been an invaluable experience putting the theory of law school into practice and I would highly recommend Anderson Lloyd to anyone nearing the end of their law degree”.


Liz Scott, Auckland Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“Arriving in Dunedin for a two-day induction with the clerks from all the offices around New Zealand, the summer started off on a high. Things only got better from there. From the moment I stepped foot in the door, I got my hands on challenging and diverse work. Behind the great work though are even better people. Every person I worked with was patient, despite the many questions I pestered them with, and was invested in seeing me learn and grow over the summer.”


Emma Toseland, Dunedin Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“After finishing my final year at the University of Otago, I was eager to gain some practical experience. Anderson Lloyd gave me this opportunity and I started my summer clerkship in November 2018. I became very quickly immersed into the al. community, as induction week turned into full time work in the commercial team.
From my first day in the office I was doing varied and important work on a number of commercial matters. Regardless of whether I was writing emails, giving advice, putting together articles or researching a new topic, my work was valued. To see how everyone works together on a matter, and be a part of that process has been an invaluable experience.
The culture at Anderson Lloyd has also left a lasting impression on me. Everyone has been welcoming and friendly and I felt like a member of the wider Anderson Lloyd team the moment I started. It has been said before and I will emphasise it again, there really is a great balance of work and fun events/functions to be involved in. For anyone considering a summer clerkship I would recommend Anderson Lloyd for the work experience you will get and the amazing connections you will form.”


Cameron Warner, Auckland Summer Clerk 2018/2019
“In an unorthodox move, I started my 2018/19 clerkship halfway through the intake and through this experience I believe I witnessed a unique side to the firm. My first impression wasn’t based on the typical first day or formal inductions but initially on the encouragement I received to complete my law degree while abroad despite the different semester dates in the USA conflicting with the start date of the intake. This experience was then consolidated by the support that I received upon starting in January. Even though everyone was just getting back into gear after the holiday period, I felt that the staff at Anderson Lloyd made a huge effort to welcome and help me in getting started. On top of this fantastic culture, from the outset, the work I was given the opportunity to get fully immersed in at the Auckland office involved real-time tangible results, making my summer very exciting and rewarding. In only five weeks at the Auckland office I was provided with more than enough work and support necessary for the professional foundation I needed prior to heading into practice. I believe my experiences are a testament to the dedication shown by the firm to be the thriving and award-winning firm it is and would highly recommended Anderson Lloyd to any possible applicant.”

Cameron joined the firm as a law clerk in the Auckland office in February 2019.