Sustainable Business Council: Pre-Election Briefing – Business Lifting the Ceiling, Government Raising the Floor

12 Aug 14

The Sustainable Business Council (“SBC”) has just released its pre-election briefing which aims to share its members’ views on the concept of sustainability, and explain how business can work with and inform the government after the election.  SBC’s pre-election briefing has identified areas where business and government can work together.

SBC proposes a series of initiatives with a three year timeframe, which complement its wider leadership in this space and its more long term projects.

If you would like more information on the SBC you can find it at and its pre-election briefing here.  Also contact Mark Christensen or Maree Baker-Galloway both of whom are working with SBC on projects.

PDF version : Sustainable Business Council Pre-election briefing Business lifting the ceiling, government raising the floor

Prepared by William Jennings.