Sweet Artwork

20 Dec 12

Above: Hector Zamora, Muegano, 2010/2012. Kiosk Lake, Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Commissioned by SCAPE Public Art. Photo: Bridgit Anderson.

A large-scale artwork by internationally renowned Mexican artist Héctor Zamora has been installed in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens courtesy of SCAPE Public Art and the Art & Industry Biennial Trust, which are sponsored by Anderson Lloyd.

The artwork Muegano is intended to generate reflection on the role of the traditional house structure in Western culture and also comment on inner-city living and urban density. Its multi-faceted, crystalline shape has been inspired by the form of snowflakes and by that of a special Mexican sweet made out of cornflakes and sugar, after which the artwork is named.

Zamora noted many Christchurch houses are built in the “classic western shape” that everybody knows and children draw: roof with two inclinations, four walls, windows and door at the front. He saw this shape repeated in the pre-fabricated greenhouse frames that are readily available in hardware stores and specified them as the major structural components in Muegano.

Deborah McCormick, Director of SCAPE Public Art, is especially pleased the artwork has been installed for the Botanic Gardens’ 150th celebratory year in 2013.