The 2018-2028 Draft Ten Year Plan – Queenstown’s most ambitious yet

12 Mar 18

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) notified its 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (Plan) for public consultation on 12 March 2018, signalling rates increases and corresponding increases in investment into large scale projects such as arterial routes and parking in the CBD, a new Council building and water supply.

Long Term plans are produced every three years, and are intended to outline the District’s strategic vision, set out financial strategy, and provide the framework for future development. Each plan outlines QLDC’s policies, details community and economic development targets, and identifies key issues facing the District. They consider local governance, environmental management, infrastructure, district facilities and community services.

The Plan for 2018-2018 identifies key issues to be addressed;
– Addressing growth;
– Funding;
–  Parking;
– Public Transport;
– Water availability and supply;
– Storm water and Wastewater;
– Queenstown and Wanaka Town Centre development

The District is in the uniquely challenging position of having a 1:34 ratio of residents to visitors, and this puts a great financial strain on rate payers. The Plan proposes an average overall increase in rates of 6.95% in the 2018-2019 financial year, with an average annual increase of 3.4% over the ten year period. The proposed investment over the next ten years has gone from $380M to $976M as compared to the previous Long Term Plan.

Particular large scale capital projects for 2018-2028 include: an upgrade to the Queenstown Town Centre through the Town Centre Masterplan; Project Connect and libraries (which are aimed to provide a new combined Council office in Queenstown CBD); and meeting water supply standards. The Town Centre Masterplan in particular will see significant targeted rating impacts of up to 30% for some properties within the CBD.

Want to know more?

The Draft Ten Year Plan was adopted by Council on 9 March. Throughout March and April QLDC is running a month-long community consultation process, involving informal community discussion with Council staff and Elected Members throughout Queenstown and Wanaka. Public Submissions can be made between 12 March and 13 April. Submission Hearings will occur in May, with the final Plan due to be adopted on 28 June 2018.

If you are interested in discussing how the Draft Plan will affect you and how to make a submission, please contact our Specialist Local team.


PDF Version: The 2018-2028 Draft Ten Year Plan – Queenstown’s most ambitious yet