The Business Growth Agenda – Progress Report: Building Natural Resources (New Zealand Government)

15 Jan 13

In December, the Government released a progress report on the Building Natural Resources work stream of its Business Growth Agenda. The purpose of the cross-departmental Business Growth Agenda is to deliver “innovative initiatives and policy reforms that will help create a more productive and competitive economy”. It focuses on six key ‘ingredients’ businesses need to grow: export markets, innovation, infrastructure, skilled and safe workplaces, natural resources and capital. Each of these has its own programme of work.

The Building Natural Resources work stream of the Business Growth Agenda aims to make better use of New Zealand’s abundant natural resources so we can continue to grow our economy and look after our environment. It encourages businesses to become more innovative in order to get the best returns for the economy and environment.

The report addresses the role that natural resources play in the New Zealand economy and sets out the 49 actions that the Government is taking to help improve the way we use and manage these resources.

The Government has asked for feedback on the action plan.

A copy of the report can be downloaded from:

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