Update on Christchurch Replacement District Plan

10 Oct 14

Priority matters announced

CERA has announced the terms of reference for the hearing of the Christchurch Replacement District Plan, which include identification of priority matters.

The priority matters, on which a decision must be released by 28 February 2015, are:

  1. the Strategic Directions proposal;
  2. temporary activities related to earthquake recovery, such as house lifting activities;
  3. provisions for repair and rebuilding of multi-unit residential complexes;
  4. rezoning for exemplar housing areas under Action 8 of the Land Use Recovery Plan that are publicly notified in the first draft proposals.

The following have also been identified as priority matters, but a decision does not need to be made by 28 February 2015:

  1. the Natural Hazards proposal;
  2. the Residential proposal;
  3. designations;
  4. the Commercial proposal;
  5. any other discrete matter identified by the panel resulting from the submissions process that is an impediment to recovery.

Hearing panel

The hearing panel has also been announced. Former High Court Judge Hon Sir John Hansen was appointed under the Order in Council, and is now joined by Environment Judge John Hassan (deputy chair), Sarah Dawson, Jane Huria, Dr Phil Mitchell and John Sax.


Submissions on Phase 1 proposals closed on 8 October. Submissions will be notified on 22 October for further submissions by 6 November. The hearing is expected to begin in early December 2014.

The panel will determine its own procedures for the hearing, including pre-hearings, timing and sequencing of the hearing, expert conferencing and alternative dispute resolution.

Preparation of the remaining proposals is underway and scheduled for notification in mid-2015. Decisions on all proposals must be made by 9 March 2016.

For more information on the Christchurch Replacement District Plan process, contact Mark Christensen, Jen Crawford, Alex Roberts or Sarah Eveleigh.

PDF version: Christchurch Replacement District Plan Update