Commercial contracts updates

COVID-19 in the community 2.0 – legislative responses
10 Sep 21

MBIE has advised that the Government has decided to implement a range of temporary measures across Commerce and Consumer Affairs legislation that respond to the disruption and uncertainty caused by the re-emergence of COVID-19 in the community in New Zealand. These measures, which will be ...

Avoiding close relationships: force majeure
3 Apr 20

The escalation of the COVID-19 crisis around the world has forced many to review their contractual relationships. In particular, the term 'force majeure' has become the focus of close scrutiny. It is likely to be a concept which is tested and developed further as the ...

Coronavirus: Headline thoughts for New Zealand businesses
5 Feb 20

The novel coronavirus is giving the world a major scare. There is no doubt that it is also going to present New Zealand with an economic speedbump this year.  Many businesses are already experiencing the direct impact of coronavirus. We have seen some exports to ...

Business contracts – a reminder of why the words matter
18 Feb 19

The Court of Appeal recently released a decision relating to the sale and purchase of a business. The result is that the purchaser has to pay a further $1 million for the business, based on the wording in the contract. The case serves as an ...

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